Structured cabling infrastructure is the backbone of a cabling systems to allow organization’s and their facilities to communicate data within their business processes.  This allows for multiple information technology systems to transmit information between telecommunications closets, workstations, and numerous buildings.

Admiral Integration specializes in all phases of network cabling, from strategy and design to implementation, maintenance, and support.  Contact us today to discuss your network and cabling needs for office or manufacturing.

Portfolio of Offerings

  • Structured Network Cabling Solutions
    Design and installation of structures cabling systems (CAT5E, CAT6, and fiber optic), with complete certification and labeling of lines, gives you unparalleled connectivity.  Download PDF of Services here.
  • Server Room and Rack Clean-Up
    Organized cabling frees up floor space, lowers utility costs, and makes network troubleshooting easier.  Click to learn more about our Cabling Clean-Up Package!
  • Secure IP Video Camera Systems
    Design and installation of IP video camera systems enables digitized video streams to be transmitted over secure networks and managed remotely.
  • Access Controls
    Electronically monitor and control access through doors, gates, elevators, and many other entry points.
  • Wireless Assessment and Deployment
    Expert design and installation of secured wireless networks gives you complete wireless coverage for your business needs.

Our Guarantee
Get a guarantee for all of our network services and testing. Our certified professionals always offer high quality workmanship that lasts.

We are Licensed and Insured
You can rely on us for campus and backbone cabling, terminal rack installation, patch panels and server racks, and maintenance and up-grades.

FREE Surveys and Estimates
Let us help you identify the troubled areas within your infrastructure and offer you our competitive rates for repairs and maintenance.