Get the Best Coverage at the Lowest Rates with Admiral's Cyber insurance Readiness Package!

  • Cost and coverage of Cyber insurance is based on the security requirements you have in place
  • Cyber insurance covers you however you get hacked (Ransomware or Breached)
  • Pays to get your systems restored (when possible), or replaced, so you can get your business back up and running
  • Covers the cost of lost revenue while your business is down
  • Helps pay to harden your systems, reducing future attacks
  • Drastically reduces liability from exposed confidential data
  • Helps remediate your reputation
  • Protects you from the cost of damages to third parties

Now that you can see some of the advantages of cyber insurance, who should you select? As with anything, not all providers are the same. Through our partnership with NJ Cyber Insurance Group, Datastream, Admiral is able to refer services to a trusted provider. As a broker, Datastream will assess your situation and put together a package that best meets the needs of your organization.