As your company grows, it’s easy for server room mess to spiral out of control. Without proper management, your data rack wiring can descend into chaos.  Not only is this unsightly, it makes it difficult to troubleshoot network problems, resulting in excessive downtime and lost productivity.
In an organized server room, it’s easy to get to the root of problems fast. Utility bills are lower thanks to improved cooling, and it’s possible to identify power distribution issues that could be slowing your servers.  Let Admiral take control of your Server Room!

Does This Look Familiar??

Why is it Important to Keep Your Server/Cable Room Clean?

  • A Messy Area Makes it Difficult to Troubleshoot Network Issues
  • Keeping Dust/Dirt to a Minimum Increases the Longevity of Equipment
  • A Dirty Environment Attracts Rodents that Destroy Equipment
  • A Clean Server Room Promotes Workplace Safety and Pride

Admiral's Cabling Clean-Up Package Includes

  • Thoroughly Clean Area and Equipment
  • Measure and Test all Cables and Connections
  • Color-Code and Label Cables
  • Organize/Bunch Cables, Replace as Needed
  • Install any Necessary Cabinets/Shelving

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