Thinking About Cleaning Up That Messy Server Room?  Fast Track the Process with Admiral's Quick Quote!

Troubleshooting network issues, longevity of equipment, keeping the area free of things that can destroy equipment, and promoting an overall sense of safety and pride - these are all reasons to keep your Server Room clean. While important, we realize this is often not a top priority for many organizations.
That's why we created Admiral's Cabling Clean Up Quick Quote, a simple, cost-effective way to organize this very important space.
How Does Quick Quote Work?
  1. Take Photos of the Space You Need Organized (Racks, Cable Box, Wires)
  2. Fill out the Form on our Cabling Clean Up Page and Include Photos
  3. We will Follow Up with a Free Clean Up Estimate
  4. If Satisfied, We'll Schedule a Time to Complete the Clean Up ASAP!

What Included?

  • Thoroughly Clean Area and Equipment
  • Measure and Test all Cables and Connections
  • Color-Code and Label Cables
  • Organize/Bunch Cables, Replace as Needed
  • Install any Necessary Cabinets/Shelving

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