With 2024 in full swing, we know budgets have been prepared and are in full-swing implementation.  Hoping you made considerations in security investments for the coming year to better protect your organization from growing threats, we wanted to highlight 3 things for consideration.  If you haven't given these areas significant thought, reach out and we can help.

#1 -Upgrade your Employee Security Awareness Training

Do you have a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training program at your company—one with monthly updates, regular testing, and individual tracking? If the answer is no, your 2024 IT budget should include an extra investment in your employees’ cybersecurity readiness.

Most cybersecurity breaches occur because of human error, phishing/social engineering attacks have gotten far more sophisticated. Spotting hackers is more complex than ever, and the consequences have never been greater. Investing in a security awareness program should be your company’s first line of defense. It’s also one of the chief requirements of many regulators and cyber risk insurers.  Getting started is not difficult/costly and the results will far outweigh the investment.

#2—Build Up Your Cloud Backup

Start thinking about your usage needs and adjust your network capacity accordingly. This goes double for your cloud backup. Your ability to rebound after a hack or an outage can be one of the most critical business decisions you make. We recommend buying at least 25 percent more backup space than you think you will need, to ensure nothing is lost.

In addition, it’s essential to review the recovery time your organization can tolerate. Can you put a number to the business costs associated with a two-hour outage versus a two-day outage? Calculate your ideal recovery times now, and build your backup accordingly.

#3—Penetration Testing

When was the last time your company underwent a system-wide penetration test? If the answer is more than two years ago, it may be time for another. When conducted by a thorough, outside IT partner, a penetration test can help you find the cracks in your organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

Quality matters regarding penetration tests; you’ll want a partner who can conduct plausible, real-world incursions that can be easily tracked and contained in your systems. A comprehensive list of vulnerabilities remediation suggestions should be provided at the end of the test.

Need help with getting started?  If you have questions or need assistance, contact a member of the Admiral team.


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